The UK Spouses Visa is valid for a period of 33 months and allows a UK citizen or permanent resident to bring their spouse to the United Kingdom with the purpose of settlement within the UK.

What is needed?
​The applicant and the prospective spouse should be at least 18 years of age

​Applicants must prove that they are married or registered as civil partners

Evidence that you were both free to marry or enter your civil partnership, if either of you was previously married or in a civil partnership

​The sponsor must be present and settled in the UK. If the sponsor it is living overseas he or she must return to UK before or at the same time his or her spouse arrives in the UK under Settlement Visa

​The sponsor and the prospective spouse must show proof of being financially secured and able to support living expenses without accessing the public funds.

​IELTS exam will be required for all applicants, except native English speakers.

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